Tyler Releases a Torrent Of Information On His Upcoming Album Wolf | @fucktyler


Tyler The Creator, Odd Future‘s tight lipped front-man, has finally cast off his code of silence, releasing extensive details on his upcoming album Wolf, tours and even an update on his ongoing side project Loiter Squad.

The internet has also been treated to a visual for Wolf‘s first single Domo 23. A video that carries in itself Tyler’s essence and is able to satiate OFWGKTA‘s broad fan base due to it’s crazy quasi-Rella type visuals and a She-inspired one minute excerpt tucked away neatly at the end. “You remind me of a bimmer,” he echoes to his attractive female friend over a beautifully arranged drum and chord pattern.

Wolf now has a firm release date of April 2nd 2013. The Wolf tour will commence early next month.

Click the video located below to check out Domo 23. All artwork associated with the coming release has also been provided for your viewing pleasure. Again Wolf comes out on April 2nd. We will keep you posted on any updates!






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