The Airplane Boys Shine a Light On Their Brave New World | @theairplaneboys


The Airplane Boys‘ newest mixtape, Brave New World, equips in its production roster the hazy atmospheric synths popularized by ASAP Rocky but there’s just enough creative risk here to tow the whole aesthetic to an entirely new vista.

Brave New World the mixtape is 10 tracks deep and offers up enough variety to satiate all but the most discerning. The production credits reveal a wide variety of names but one in particular stands out. KMS is credited with producing no less than 4 songs; almost half of the mixtape. This imparts a special kind of consistency to the project. Other producers of note include KILO & Spinz Beats Inc.

Hailing from Toronto, The Airplane Boys‘ newest mixtape, is a special tribute to the city and serves as a testament to the bold new direction Toronto hip hop is taking in 2013.

Brave New World is accessible via the link below:

The Airplane Boys – Brave New World


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