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Api.Legit 'Earresponsible'

Ms. Dynasty sits down with underground rapper Api.LEGIT and talks about his first work of art completely produced by himself, “Earresponsible.” The album is filled with great content, production and lyrics, which  takes the listener on a roller coaster of emotions. The album is pure self expression of the artist, no fillers just Api.LEGIT. He calls his album “Theatrical Grunge Rap, which displays lyricism, crazy word play, deep content and messages and a ridiculous amount of character.”

Here’s what Jalal “Api.LEGIT” Reamey Jr. had to say in a recent interview with Ms-Dynasty.com.

Love, Love speaking with music artists who are blessed with creativity and are free spirited! I loved the album by the way Api.LEGIT. Let’s start off this interview your new album release Earresponsible. Where did you get the name of the album from? It’s very unique, what was the inspiration?

The way I came up with the name Earresponsible, was just a play on words. Since I started producing my own music, I am responsible for everything you hear in my music entirely so I am responsible for everything entering your ear, henceforth, Earresponsible. Also I am against censorship and I have a bit of a wild side which people may deem irresponsible.

The production is hot on the album, who did you work with production wise?

I actually did all the producing myself entirely. I have a sound that I really need to express through my own creative ability.


I noticed that you had a few dope skits on this CD, I remember back in the day artists had mad skits on their albums. Where you inspired by any artists when you decided to add skits to your album?

The skits on my album really stem from the Theatrical element I like to give my albums, plus I got a pretty childish sense of humour so I can’t help but to put some funny skits in the mix. I always got more into albums I heard with skits because it let me see the different dimensions of the artist beyond music.

What do you generally rap about in your music?

I generally rap about anything I truly care about and is worth talking about. If something moves me whether it be positive or negative, it’ll be in my music. I never make music about money, selling drugs, fuckin a bunch of different women or any of the typical boring bullshit most rappers talk about. I like to play different characters and tell story in my music as well.

This album was definitely an emotional roller coaster. When you started this album was it your intent to bring us through all these different zones?

Like all of my works of art I like to hit my audience from a lot of different angles, because human beings have a lot of different angles to hit. I want you to cry, laugh, learn, and be entertained when you play my shit.

Are you working on any other projects or just pushing your album Earresponsible right now?

Right now my number one thing on my agenda is to push Earresponsible, but of course the music don’t stop. I am currently working on producing my wife’s R&B album Solace, also my street team No-Pity’s collaboration album Us vs. Them Vol.2 which I will be featured on both. I’m also working on Earresponsible’s follow up. Plus, I’m hoping on a lot of different artist tracks as features, fuckin they shit up.

Who are some of the artists you would like to work with, new or old skool, And why?

I would love to work with Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, Tyler, the Creator, Lauryn Hill, Elle Varner, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Maxwell, Miguel, Jhene Aiko, and production wise; Pharrell Williams, Timbaland and whoever making ASAP Rocky beats. I would like to work with mostly singers because I can’t sing and they bring that soulful vibe to the track.

I know being on a label can be a little restrictive where an artist’s creativity is concerned. Do you think it’s a good time right now for independent artists to get noticed without a label backing them?

It’s the perfect time; I mean if you got enough money you can get damn near the same exposure as a top label artist, if your team is right. Plus you’ll get a lot more money and creative control.

If given the opportunity which label would you sign with right now? And Why?

The only two labels off tops would be T.D.E. or Roc Nation because I feel I would be able to be the artist I want to be because they would appreciate my sound. But I honestly feel I would break out on any label I’m on because I have confidence in my ability.

Where can we find you on the net? 

You can find me on the net at www.apilegit.com and on that site I have links to a bunch of other familiar sites I’m on like Datpiff, Band camp, Reverb nation, Amazon, iTunes, etc.

You have any last words to our readers Api.LEGIT?

“No Hieroglyphics or lyrics designed for mischief,
What I spit is like weight nigga it’s designed for liftin’
Designed to listen after a hard day of work, relieve the tension
Relieve the symptoms, clean out the infected systems…”

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