Murs & Fashawn – Tuition | @MURS @fashawn


Murs is one of those rappers who are almost ‘grandpas’ in the game. Murs has pounded the pavement for a decade plus. This is ample enough time for any artist to diversify and revitalize their style. And Murs sure has. His catalog is rich and diverse. A look at his long spanning catalog will yield records that encompass the entire spectrum. Let’s take a gander shall we. Records with social commentary? Check. Underground/Backpacker type records? Check. Bubble gum trashy rap song parodies that symbolize everything that’s wrong with hip hop culture in the 21st century??? – Wait a second now … ? Have I … ?

Scroll down and take a look at Murs and Fashawn’s new track Tuition in all its High Definition and CENSORED glory. That’s right folks, there is an UNCUT version floating around out there … ahem.

The title is pretty self explanatory. The hook is almost comical in it’s simplicity. And the video is well … yeah.

And before you ask, NO, that’s not Monopoly money being thrown around out there.




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