Advertisement: Jam3 Productions

Jam3 Productions

We would like to introduce you to two brothers, Manny D & DJ Mr. President, who have been the face of a somewhat successful and underrated Entertainment Company for many years. They have been a tour de force in several areas of bringing good music to the masses. From large event promotions, mixtape production & marketing, internet radio, and internet guerilla marketing. But behind all of that (and more), the mainstay and consistent passion for them has bean in the music production field. Over the years, they have found their niche comfortably in the underground scene, helping up & coming artists procure quality music, in an effort of competing with artists who might have a bigger production budget.

Their production company, JAM3 Productions, recently launched a website, which serves to continue the work of helping underground hopefuls attain affordable production to assemble their projects, and promotional efforts to get the word out once their projects are completed. In a world where fame and fortune seem to be the unifying overall motivation, these brothers provide proof that there are still some who are more concerned with the quality of the music and keeping the integrity of their Hip Hop culture intact.


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