Brooke Turner ‘Convince Me’ (Audio) | @BrookeMTurner

Brook Turner 'CONVINCE ME'

17-year-old Canadian Singer/Songwriter Brooke Turner releases her debut single ‘Convince Me,’ which is being well received by Dj’s, radio stations and blogs around the internet. The teen’s vocals are a win on her fun refreshing track, which she wrote with the assistance of Troy Samson who also produced beat.

“Music strikes a chord in people,” Brooke states. “I’ve always communicated and connected to people through music and I love its universal appeal.”

Brooke has been inspired by some big names in the industry like pop stars; Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, Carly Rae Jepsen and Cher Lloyd among others. This rising star is steadily becoming a fresh new face for pop music in Canada and soon to be worldwide with the release of her upcoming album.

The album promises to be filled with up tempo catchy songs, as well as meaningful pop ballads that showcase Brooke’s vocal ability. This is an artist you should be on the look out for, watch her grow and take the world by storm!

Brooke says “Each and every song on the album will offer variety, and will be free-flowing, creative and fun.” Listen to the track below while Brooke convinces you to fall in love with her vocals. Also make sure you grab a copy of her new single available now on iTunes.

Buy Now: Brook Turner –  ‘Convince Me’


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