CRWN: Drake Interview w/ Elliott Wilson

CRWN Drake Interview With Elliott Wilson

Drake is set to rock the Billboard 200 chart next week with an expectation of 675,000 copies to be sold by the end of the week (tracking week on Sunday, Sept. 29). This album is phenomenal in my opinion, I can listen to it all day!

Below Elliott Wilson interviews Drake in his three-part CRWN series, which talks about all aspects of the album. Drake also touched on Kendrick Lamar’s game-changing ‘Control‘ verse. Watch the in-depth interview below (parts 1&2 of 3).

2:44 – Why Nothing Was The Same took so long to write
5:00 – Why he didn’t think Take Care was perfect
6:20 – Why his music is so emotional
9:00 – Balancing singing and rapping
11:30 – On being a competitive rapper
15:50 – Talks “Wu-Tang Forever,” getting a call from Ghostface Killah
20:00 – Addresses Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse
23:19 – Says he wants to surpass Kanye West

0:40 — Repping his Jewish heritage
2:07 — Talks “Pound Cake” collaboration with Jay-Z
7:15 — Talks his hit single “Hold On We’re Going Home”
10:40 — Response to rap critics on the internet
12:10 — Why “Too Much” upset his mother
16:16 — OVO producer Noah “40” Shebib joins the discussion
18:40 — 40 explains why their sound is so different
21:20 — 40 discusses living with MS
22:15 — 40 talks about Drake’s growth as an artist
26:18 — Sales projections for the new album
26:55 — Starting new businesses while remaining loyal to Young Money

0:55 — What’s the deal with the Jaden Smith t-shirt he wore?
1:35 — Why he retweets memes that make fun of him
4:00 — What was the concept behind the album cover?
7:00 — If you could collaborate with anyone dead or alive…
8:35 — On subtweets – “Twitter is not real, by the way.”
11:30 — What’s the meaning behind “Hold On, We’re Going Home”
15:05 — What music were you listening to while making Nothing Was The Same?
17:35 — Talks about working with Detail
20:30 — What does an artist need to do to get noticed by you?


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