Sir Mix-A-Lot ‘Baby Got Back (Lingo Remix)’

Sir Mix-A-Lot - Baby Got Back ( Lingo Remix )

I know you all remember this smash hit by Sir Mix-A-LotBaby Got Back‘ that was the second best-selling song in the US back in 1992. The cub scene went ham whenever the track was played and had most women wanting to have that perfect figure 36-24-36.

Lingo pays homage and reignites the flame on the track once again on his 2013 remix, which holds a trap inspired beat. The remix comes at the perfect time because the ass is even more respected than it was back then and we see this with our beloved Minaj, Kardashian and Delishus among others.

Lingo hits this one out of the park and makes this classic a hit again, dj’s need to jump on this remix and play it in the clubs. Listen to the hit record below.


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