Tone Oliver (@ToneOliver) ‘Live And Let Die’ EP

Tone Oliver 'Live And Let Die' EP

PeaceLife Quality Recordings presents Tone Oliver’s EP debut Live And Let Die.

The 14 track EP features artists like Mann, Beeff, Buddy, Faith Jones, Chazz Giovani and many more with production on the album by Mar-Tamius, Zaire Koalo and Bobby Johnson to name a few.

Live, because death happens way more than life does. The best rapper will never exist, because they were not born. They were waisted on a cheap thrill or an abortion/miscarriage or some bullshit like that. So live, smile, be honest, fight your fears, dare, have fun, learn, love, laugh… A LOT. If you ever find your hearts desire, obtain it. Achieving your goals are not hard they’re worth it. So find what’s worth it and achieve it. Everything else… let die.
Love, Tone

Enjoy the free offering below.


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