Three Hip-Hop Projects You May Have Or May Not Have Missed in 2013

Last Night In Paris • Roses

Hip-Hop has moved towards a new experimental age over the past decade. Gone is the soulful College Dropout Kanye and in his place the minimalist acid-house Ye howls into the void. Breakout hip-hop acts like Chance The Rapper and The Underachievers have embraced the psychedelic culture that enlivened the ‘60s rock scene. 2013 has been a playground of ideas for hip-hop acts and you may have missed a few. Here are three of the more exciting projects from 2013.

1.) Last Night in Paris

Often called UK’s answer to Odd Future, LNIP is a collective of artists, singers and producers that create hazy music and visuals that intoxicate listeners. Their free EP Roses was one of 2013’s most interesting projects from both an auditory and a visual perspective.

View LNIP’s visual project below.

2.) Death Grips

Last summer I attended my first Death Grips concert at Bonnaroo in Manchester, TN. At one point I distinctly recall a bald man with a muddy footprint on the back of his head lifting a man in a blue suit and throwing him. If Hip-Hop has ever had an answer to the Punk genre, Death Grips is it. Their 2013 free album Government Plates pushed the boundaries of their sound and had a number of truly great tracks.

Listen to “Whatever I Want (Fuck Who’s Watching)” below

3.) Run The Jewels

Perhaps the most high profile project out of the three mentioned thus far, Run The Jewels is the collaborative album everyone asked for from El P and Killer Mike. The self proclaimed “most dangerous duo” release tracks that are as aggressive as they are exciting. Its yet another project that represents trap music’s trajectory towards EDM and is a welcome addition to the two artists discographies.

Listen to their self-titled track below


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