Diggy Simmons (@diggy_simmons) Ft. B.O.B. (@bobatl) & Key Wane (@Key_Wane) ‘Mama Said’

012012-shows-106-park-ff-diggy-simmons-6 (1)

Diggy Simmons is back. In his latest track Mama Said, Diggy Simmons is hungrier, more aggressive and more abrasive. He lets loose a bevy of taunts towards haters, small-time up and comers and the industry at large. By expanding on the rather innocent looking title, the song’s hook gives us a unique window into Diggy 2.0 and shows us how different he is from the Diggy Simmons of yore:

” My Mama Said, Don’t Be Afraid, (To S*** On All These *****) x3 ”

… and in one line Diggy spits out more foul language than you could ever possibly find in his back catalogue. The new Diggy might not be that much different. He’s definitely as fresh and dapper as the old Diggy. One thing that no one can deny however is that he’s certainly more vulgar.

Also in the song are artists / producers B.O.B. and Key Wane.

The peculiar timing of Mama Said‘s release, so late into 2013, is perhaps evidence that 2014 will be a more active year for Diggy than 2013 has been so far. This shouldn’t be a surprise, as Diggy‘s rumoured next album is widely believed to have a tentative 2014 release date. For more Diggy updates keep on checking Musiq Expo.


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