Beyonce’s (@Beyonce) NYC Album Screening


Beyoncé stepped out in New York City this past weekend for the screening of her surprise self-titled album. She answered questions from many of her fans about the 14 song, 17 video-visual album that’s broken records in the music industry. It will definitely be hard for anyone to top the album, it’s a shift in the culture that music artists can’t ignore. To have this album not leak onto the internet before its time is unheard of in these time, but she made it happen.

Beyoncé has proven that she’s still on top and will be for years to come. She’s the true essence of talent and many women as well as men aspire to be like her. Bey stays true to her loyal fans and keeps it humble, even though she’s rich and successful. That really shows her character as a person and why she’s so blessed. When you look up the word goddess in the dictionary, know that Bey fits the bill to the “T.”

At the screening she rocked a Tom Ford dress and matching boots, her hair was bone straight with her signature honey blonde coils. Check out her stunning outfit and radiant glow below.


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