Vic Mensa (@VicMensa) ‘Crazy’


Vic Mensa‘s second mixtape INNANETAPE electrified the hip-hop world upon its release last fall. Critics loved it, fans were ecstatic. Following INNANETAPE‘s release fans and critics alike have been hungrily awaiting for more songs but for the past two or so months there’s been no dropping of songs or any mention of a release date. With Vic Mensa‘s heavy involvement in J-Cole’s What Dreams May Come tour this didn’t come as too much of a surprise. In spite of this, Vic Mensa saw it fit to drop an early Christmas present for fans in the form of Crazy. Vic flexes his lyrical muscle heavy on this track. For those who are interested Crazy is from the Vic Mensa archives. It’s an old 2010 song that failed to make the cut for any of the large projects that’ve been released since. If you’re an old or new Vic Mensa fan this should be right up your alley


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