Lupe Fiasco (@LupeFiasco) ‘Piru Blues’


All the goodwill and Christmas cheer hanging in the air has spurred a lot of uncharacteristic behavior this holiday season. A lot of beefs have been squashed. A lot of tracks that’ve never seen the light of day for one reason or another have gotten a release. Lupe  Fiasco‘s latest track, Piru Blues falls into the latter category. Piru Blues was supposed to be included in Food & Liquor II but it failed to make the cut due to unspecified reasons. In terms of quality Piru Blues is on par with any of the tracks in Food & Liquor II. Some have speculated that it may have been axed due to sample clearance issues. It’s also likely that the song simply may not have measured up to Lupe Fiasco‘s insanely high standards. Regardless of what the reason is Piru Blues‘ release will undoubtedly be a welcome respite for fans who’ve been waiting a long, long time for some new Lupe.

Lupe Fiasco is currently working on his next project Tetsuo & Youth. Tetsuo & Youth has an unspecified 2014 release date. As more information on the album accumulates, Musiq Expo will keep you posted. Keep on checking back for more!


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