Curtis Williams (@ThatBoyCurtis) Ft. Retro Su$h! (@retroJACE) & Rell (@PTARELL) ‘3 The Hard Way’


Curtis Williams, the enigmatic Atlanta rapper and Two-9 member, has released a new track today together with co-rappers Retro Su$h! & Rell entitled 3 The Hard Way. The aptly named track has the MCs shirking the beaten path in favor of the ‘hard’ route. They don’t just rap. They trade bars ‘duel style’, and also partake in some old school MCing .

There’s a whole lot of playing around, flexing, stunting. The latter two done in a professional and not vindictive fashion.The subject matter runs the whole gamut. There’s even a reference to Michael Bolton. The production, handled by DJ FU, is characterized by a sped up soul vocal and is reminiscent of the ‘chipmunk soul’ style of production that’s been popularized in the past by such artists as the RZA or Ye (more contemporary).

Click to play below


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