Raekwon (@Raekwon) Ft. Doe B (@CBMDOEB) & T.I. (@Tip) ‘I wanna know’


Raekwon‘s latest track I Wanna Know features rappers,  T.I. & Doe B. It is unfortunate that the song’s release comes at a time of mourning and not celebration, especially this close to the new year. I wanna know will probably evoke uncertainty and solemn prayer from fans due to Doe B‘s recent passing. Doe B passed away two days ago from a lethal gunshot wound inflicted on him at a night club in Alabama. Raekwon and T.I. deliver as usual, but it’s hard not to feel an ounce of pain when listening to Doe B, given that he passed away only two days ago.

Doe B‘s passing will undoubtedly be a shock to the hip-hop community, and we can only hope that the introspection and soul-searching that this event will stir will implore others to explore safer alternatives to gun-play when dealing with disagreements.

To play the song click below. For more updates on Raekwon & T.I. or the recent Doe B death, you know where to be. MsDynastyCom will keep you posted.


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