Chris Brown (@chrisbrown) Ft. Tyga (@Tyga) ‘Take That (Shake That)’

tyga & chris brown

It seems that Chris Brown & Tyga have once again beat their industry brethren to the punch with Take That (Shake That). an incredibly catchy, club friendly banger that might just be 2014’s first club hit. It’s worth knowing that Take That (Shake That) got released to fans through somewhat nefarious means (a leak that was not sanctioned by either Chris Brown or Tyga). This might just work to both artists’ favor as the song’s release has once again thrust them back into the spotlight at a time when the industry’s churning out more and more spectacles and caricatures in an effort to increase its reach and fan base.

Chris Brown‘s next (& overall 6th) studio album X has an unspecified 2014 release date. Tyga’s next album The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty also has a 2014 release date. Unlike X however, we know that The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty will drop sometime in the spring as Tyga has mentioned multiple times that it will be released ‘early’ 2014.

It’s a new year, and the future is looking exceedingly bright for both Breezy & Tyga.

To listen to Take That (Shake That) click below:


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