Kanye West (@KanyeWest) Being Sued By Former Child Star Over ‘Bound 2’

Kanye West Sued Over Bound 2

Kanye West’s video ‘Bound 2‘ got the media buzzing over Kim Kardashian’s nude via motorcycle. Now people are really paying attention to the song as Kanye West is being sued over use of parts of his song. Ricky Spicer, a former pre-teen of the 1970 R&B group, Ponderosa Twins Plus One, is suing West in conjunction with Def Jam, Rhino, Roc-A-Fella Records, and Universal Music Group allegedly seeking unspecified damages for common law copyright infringement.

Ricky Spicer claimed West stole, ‘Bound 2‘ and not only infringed on his music, but also his voice. Spicer claims that his original voice is heard in the song 4 times which according to the 1970’s star is altered in ‘Bound 2′. The law suit specifically states Spicer’s original vocals, “Bound, bound / Bound to fall in love,” was heard in ‘Bound 2‘ and was used without his permission.

As Spicer’s song is called “Bound,” Kanye’s song is notably called ‘Bound 2′ which creates even more controversy.

Did he steal music or was he simply inspired?  You decide:

Bound – Original

Bound 2 – Kayne’s Version

Also, Kanye West allegedly may have also copied Brenda Lee’s, “Uh huh Honey” line from her 1960 song “Sweet Nothin,” and noticeably was very inspired  by Wee’s 1977 song Aeroplane, closely depicting the cords of West’s lyrics, “Somebody to love.”  Listen Brenda Lee’s song at the very beginning, you can’t miss it.


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