Childish Gambino (@DonaldGlover) Covers Complex February/March 2014 Issue

Childish Gambino Covers Complex's February March 2014 Issue

Childish Gambino Covers Complex’s February/March 2014 Issue.

Because the Internet may seem like a strange title for a rap album—there was a time when being called an “Internet rapper” was a bad thing—but it makes sense given how much time Donald spends thinking about the World Wide Web, and how it affects both our way of looking at life and his way of making art. He seems both acutely aware of, and slightly freaked out by, the profound changes taking place around us every day. But he’s rolling with it.

With the release of his new album, Donald has used the Internet to build a world of his own. In addition to, he’s turned into a trove of hidden pages and exclusive content, including password-protected music videos, a meme generator, and behind-the-scenes footage. He’s also partnered with websites like Tumblr and Rap Genius to connect with fans through live events and Q&As, making the release of Because the Internet an event that brings the web to life.

Read the full story on Complex


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