Could Justin Bieber’s (@justinbieber) Bust Ultimately Mean Deportation?

Lil Za Cocaine Possession

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department raided Bieber’s Calabasas home on the morning of January 14th, 2014. They were brought to the pop star’s mansion due to a neighbor reporting to law enforcement that Bieber had egged his house. Although he wasn’t disrespectful, Bieber had to be calmed and sat down by detectives who were searching his home. While searching for evidence of the egging, detectives came across a substance they initially thought to be cocaine, but may actually be MDMA or “molly”.

If Justin did egg that house, he may be facing a fine of $20,000 in damages and a felony charge. Due to Los Angeles’s strict vandalism laws, Bieber can ultimately face jail time and deportation, which means Bieber will have to pack up and head back to Canada.


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