Killer Mike (@KillerMikeGTO) – The Boonies


The Boondocks is gearing up for an entirely new season (the 4th season) and will start airing on the 21st of this month; at which point one of the edgiest shows to ever grace the tube, will have a chance to pontificate on the vicissitudes of black life and black existence in the 2010s.

For hardcore fans of the show a new season has been long overdue.

It is no surprise that in addition to witty social commentary the new season will provide a spectacular soundtrack. The Boondocks seasons of yore were a massive treasure trove of obscure (or if not obscure, then criminally underrated) hip-hop. The first season, showcased singles from the then obscure underground classic Madvillainy (by Madvillain). Other seasons dipped into the underground pool, by opening up the soapbox to unknown artists like Asheru (who’s recently released a great album that should be checked out). The only time the show ever strayed away from the mantra it set forth in the beginning was by playing Guillotine Swords (a mafioso masterpiece brought on by the Wu-Tang Clan who are far from what you’d consider underground).

In any case, the new Boondocks season keeps to the same high standards set by its predecessors. A multitude of songs have already leaked but  The Boonies by Killer Mike is one song that has definitely stood out from the pack. The moody beat provided by the Alchemist serves as a tantalizing backdrop to Killer Mike‘s drug-laced, picaresque bars.

It will be very interesting to find out in what context this song will find itself in once the show’s episodes start to air.

To listen to the Killer Mike / Alchemist collaboration click below:


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