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Api.Legit 'Earresponsible'

Ms. Dynasty sits down with underground rapper Api.LEGIT and talks about his first work of art completely produced by himself, “Earresponsible.” The album is filled with great content, production and lyrics, which  takes the listener on a roller coaster of emotions. The album is pure self-expression of the artist, no fillers just Api.LEGIT. He calls his album… [Read More]




identical-made80s (1)

Ms. Dynasty had the opportunity to sit down with rap duo Identical, Santoine (SJ) and Antoine (AJ) Jackson who has had much success in their music career thus far. They have opened up for Machine Gun Kelly in Cleveland, received recognition at the 2012 Underground Music Awards and that’s only just the beginning. [Read More]

Platnum Status


Platnum Statuss is a 23-year-old Melodic Lyricist/Songwriter coming up independently in the music industry. This talented lyricist is no stranger to music game, having spent many summer holidays in 2 DEEP Recording Studio with Tony Ra and his Uncle Ricky Sprakett AKA Ricman.  Platnum spent many days among senior DJ’s and local artists in Brixton… [Read More]

Young Dizzy

Ms Dynasty had the chance to interview Young Dizzy who recently released his new single ‘Keys To Your Room’ featuring ATL’s own Ying Yang Twins. From the age eight, music has been the driving force in the success of this young artist and his work ethic shows just that. Dizzy has landed a wide range of performances throughout the West Coast, along with radio airplay and spins on numerous radio stations. He gained the respect of various DJ’s, as well drawing in major record label attention such as Interscope, Grand Hustle, Def Jam and more… [Read More]


Ms. Dynasty had the chance to interview Texas native D’Lannie a rising star in the pop/hip-hop music industry. She has been stunning top industry reps and critics with her natural performance ability, impressive vocal skills and individualistic personality. As the newest addition to the pop music scene, D’Lannie is making her mark and gaining well-deserved recognition as her career continues to take off… [Read More]


Ms. Dynasty had the chance to chat with R&B Pop singer/songwriter Kdee who is an upcoming female artist from California. Kdee is the first female artist that Ms-Dynasty.com has had that chance to speak with. It is said that Kdee is a rose that grew from concrete as she has not let a person or situation get in her way of becoming the singer that she is today… [Read More]

Martyr Man

Ms. Dynasty got the chance to speak with New Orleans native Martyr Man. Born and bred in New Orleans, this instantly captivating artist can only be described as “A grinding, push till he dies lyricist”. Releasing his first album in 2010, “Bleed’ n Soul,” he is known more recently for his radio single “Shadows,” which is undeniably blasting its way through an international fan base…[Read More]

Michee Da Don

Ms. Dynasty wanted to Salute (Da Don) Michee Da Don and get to know more about this talented young rapper. With his latest video “True Message” on YouTube, Michee Da Don goes HAM with his lyrical talent. Raised by his mother in the Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn, Michee witnessed the harsh realities of life at an early age… [Read More]

Jay McNeil

Ms. Dynasty got the chance to interview R&B singer Jay McNeil native to Memphis, TN. He was born August 9, 1991 in what they call the city of the “Blues.” He became inspired by music; it also became his best friend. Music never let him down… [Read More]

Yung Nino

From the Southside of Atlanta, Georgia representing Fairburn to the fullest comes Atlanta’s new rap star Young Nino. With Hip Hop needing a breath of fresh air, he is exactly what the game needs. Nino, a.k.a. Southside Shawty, a.k.a. Young Fresh to Def, is a very talented young rapper who has hot records, great charisma, is extremely confident, with a cool swag that is undeniable… [Read More]

Luke Sharp

Ms. Dynasty had the chance to speak with Canadian hip hop artist Luke Sharp, who is also a member of Illimitable Entertainment. He has been featured numerous times on the famous Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes and recently voted onto a mixtape hosted by Grammy Award winner Estelle… [Read More]

Bollywood Booz

Ms. Dynasty got a chance to speak with Toronto (TDOT) native Bollywood Booz in a recent interview, which he speaks about his beginnings as a rapper as well as the coming of his new album. “We’re Over” (Booz’s latest video) has recently been added to Much Music’s RapCity rotation. Bollywood Booz is on his way to becoming another gem straight out of TDOT… [Read More]


Ms. Dynasty wanted to find out more about this native Pennsylvania rapper Steven “Slip” Slippy. He began getting into music in 2009, when he joined a hard-core band as a drummer. This helped to fuel his passion for music, which propelled him to become a highly sought after music artist in his city and on the net. Slip has released seven full length mixtapes to date and plans to release one every month for 2012… [Read More]


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