Unsigned Music Submission

Would you like to get your music/music video featured on Ms-Dynasty.com? I have work with numerous upcoming artists to provide publicity on my platform. I have featured a lot of artists who have gone on to become some of your favorite rappers.  I take pride in featuring fresh upcoming talent and seek to build long-lasting professional relationships with music artists who work independently.

Getting media coverage on any website/blog is great for an artist’s portfolio and also a great way to generate buzz. Let me assist you in getting that exposure your need! Submit your music to me for consideration by using the contact form below. If I believe that you are a good fit for Ms-Dynasty.com, you will be contacted

I also provide Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr promotion as well as the opportunity to  be one of my mix shows.

If you’re seriously interested in getting your music out to a wider demographic, submit your music below! Please note that I do not work for free, time is money.

I look forward to featuring you on my site, please allow 24 hours for contact, due to high volume of submissions.


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